Creativity is a fundamental human need and something we all share. It is also an elusive skill worth training through practice and execution  But this does not change the fact that creativity can be trained. The best ways to build creative skills may differ across individuals because each of us brings our own talents and interests to every learning experience. This article explores some apps that are changing how people around the world train their minds.

App 1: Insight Timer for Apple Watch

Insight Timer by Insight Timing allows you to track your thought process during a given task. You simply set a timer, then start doing what you do best – think clearly and solve problems. Your watch will buzz when it’s time to take a break or quit working on a particular problem. When you’re done with your break, just get back to work. When you finish up, stop again, then sit back and see where your mind was at during the exercise. 

App 2: Cogmed Mindfulness Meditation Training Program

Mindfulness meditation comes from Buddhist teachings about living fully in the present moment, without judging yourself or getting caught up in your thoughts. In this program, participants learn techniques to calm the mind and reduce stress, which increases brain power and mental agility, therefore, making you perform better in everything, even online casino gaming.

App 3: Focus for iOS

Focus helps users develop good habits and make better decisions by reducing distractions and improving attention. Think of it as a digital “Ritalin” for your phone — it makes it easier for your phone to ignore its calls and messages until you have a few minutes to prepare for them. With Focus, you can also use custom timers to block out certain times of the day so you don’t check email or social media all day long. 

App 4: Flowgram

Another useful app to help you focus is Flowgram, which lets you map your flow throughout your day. Just put your iPhone down next to you while you’re doing stuff, and Flowgram will automatically detect where you were focusing and whether it was productive or unproductive.

App 5: Brainspace

Brainspace teaches students how to control distraction and improve concentration using a combination of games, exercises, and rewards. It’s designed to provide immediate feedback about the effectiveness of your brain management strategies. 

App 6: Evernote

Evernote is both an idea generator and a memory jukebox. Using text notes, voice memos and images, it gathers ideas into “notebooks” and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to organize them over time. A notebook can evolve into a project, such as a recipe book or a shopping list, but these projects have their own place within notebooks too.