To be creative you need to think about every aspect of production before putting down any brush or pencil or keyboard. There’s so much going on that you as an artist can’t get caught up in just one thing. Just as with online casino gaming, you’ll make many mistakes if you don’t spread yourself out. So, here are the top 10 list of things every creative person needs in their workspace. 

1) Lots Of Posters 

Any type of print will do – large canvas prints, posters, etc. The world is full of amazing art and design and it doesn’t always show up in magazines. I know that when I am feeling stuck in one direction I’ll look at something new and move on to another project. And besides, isn’t that why we buy art? It has meaning beyond our own lives.

2) A Desk That Works For Your LifeStyle 

Most desks are made to fit into a standard cubicle and most offices are designed based on how people sit all day. As creatives, however, we often work standing up, walking, driving, talking on the phone, sitting on couches. We should have the freedom to use whatever workspace works best for us. My desk is not your desk. What’s more important than the space where you work? If you’re working mostly from home then maybe this is the place that does it for you.

3) An Easel With Storage Area 

Not only should you have somewhere to store those supplies but you also want a place to display them. On my wall I have two easels, one for painting and drawing and the other for photography. They both have storage underneath for pens, brushes, papers, etc.

4) A Computer 

A computer has come a long way since 1994 when Apple first released the iMac. But no matter what kind you choose, having a computer nearby allows you to take advantage of all sorts of cool programs like Photoshop. You can now save designs directly onto paper using the iPad or iPhone. I love the convenience of being able to access the internet wherever I am and download everything instantly.

5) Some Kind Of Sketchbook 

You never know what inspiration may hit you. It could be a song lyric, an image, a word, even a random thought. This notebook helps me capture ideas easily and keep track of concepts over time. Plus I like looking back through old sketches to see where they’ve come from.

6) A Notebook 

In today’s digitally connected world it can be difficult to remember ideas. I usually find myself filling notebooks with notes throughout the day. When I’m done, these become the basis of future projects.